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ace where he had fought. His name is Hu Rongao and is 69 years old this year. In Hu's notebook, a song cal▓led "Trouble Shooting Song of Automobile's Oil Line and Electric Circuit," was recorded, which he had been taught by Lei Feng. Hu Rongao h▓ad been

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dential community of Datongyikuang under Chongqing Energy Group. She Dahua, a supervisor for the 67th

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ry building, where Hu lives, never und▓erstood why the old man would get up shortly after 5 am every day to clean all t

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Really? I have been being his neighbor for more than 20 years and I never knew he was a comrade of Lei Feng," she said surprised. 69-year-old Hu Rongao comes fr▓

om Luoxing V

illage, Qijiang County. He joined the army in March 1959 and then went to a transport squadron in Fushun City of Liaoning Province to en

te▓r service several months later. He met Lei Feng there. Domestic carmakers ramp up smart development, connectivityDomestic carmakers ramp up smart development, connectivit

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er comrades. Every time the old man recalls Lei Feng, he will climb to the top of the tower alone, saluting the pl